Elevated Customer Experiences

HiOp creates high-touch automated experiences and resolves complex customer requests.

Why Agents Love Us

Scaling With HiQ Technology

Our platform seamlessly connects with your systems to diagnose customer needs and rapidly craft personalized responses.

Instant Integration

HiOp uses automation and generative AI to complete the entire customer service journey while agents oversee the efficient workflow.

Orchestrated Service

Auto-tagging continually tracks the customer journey, categorizes support issues, and uses this information to reinforce models. Generative AI-written communications make customer service quantifiably better with increased CSAT scores.


HiOp technology allows us to only charge for each conversation we solve. No onboarding fees. No hourly rates. Pay for what you use.

HiOp Systems

Technology Driven, Agent Supervised

Built For The Exception

Technology That Solves
Complex Customer Issues

HiOp leverages sophisticated technology that analyzes information across systems and accurately determines outcomes in complex situations. Where chatbots stumble post Tier 1, HiQ is purpose-built to solve Tier 2 & 3 issues with ease.

Aligning Incentives

Pay-Per-Resolution Benefits Your Business

We are as obsessed with our customers as you are with yours. That's why we charge only on a per-resolved case by sending out the highest quality responses. Forget emails sent. Ignore hours worked. When HiOp solves problems, we are compensated — period. Your company is only paying for results, and we're thrilled to provide them.

Go Faster & Reduce First Reply Time

Productivity is important and our teams want to go faster. This allows us to get back to your customer as soon as possible.

Hire Higher Quality Agents

You're paying us for results, not hours. This means that we go out and hire the best agents possible.

The better the agents on your account, the better they're able to take care of your customers and the better we're able to pay our agents as well.

Provide One Touch Resolutions

We find that One-Touch resolutions are often a leading indicator of customer satisfaction. No one likes unnecessary back & forth conversations.

We're paid per resolved case, not per reply, and so we're incentivized to send high quality responses each and every time to minimize re-opened conversations.

The higher quality the response, the better we do

Pricing Tailored to Your Businesses

HiQ Heightens Customer Service Effectiveness

HiOp's automated, AI customer support platform uses generative AI to provide personalized customer responses and scale dynamically based on your company’s evolving needs.

Instead of using stale MACROS, agents now leverage HiQ's generative AI to create fresh customer outreach content. With only slight oversight, HiQ resolves client tickets faster, more accurately, and with higher CSAT scores.

Our Partnerships

Integrated For Superior Results

Our partners are as obsessed with creating fantastic customer success as we are. If you require custom admins, reach out! HiOp wants to understand your needs and work on solutions for your business.

Transform Your Customer Service

We can onboard in a matter of days and we offer highly flexible contracts. Whether you need a large team to handle your support or some overflow assistance, getting started is easy.

HiOp rapidly onboards fast and offers highly flexible contracts. Before you know it, HiQ will augment your entire workflow — creating happy agents and satisfied customers.