Pay Per Resolution Aligns Incentives

Our business model is designed specifically so our business and our agents do best when we deliver great experiences for your customers.

Aligning Incentives

Pay-Per-Resolution Benefits Your Business

We are as obsessed with our customers as you are with yours. That's why we charge only on a per-resolved case by sending out the highest quality responses. Forget emails sent. Ignore hours worked. When HiOp solves problems, we compensated — period. Your company is only paying for results, and we're thrilled to provide them.

Go Faster & Reduce First Reply Time

Productivity is important and our teams want to go faster. This allows us to get back to your customer as soon as possible.

Hire Higher Quality Agents

You're paying us for results, not hours. This means that we go out and hire the best agents possible.

The better the agents on your account, the better they're able to take care of your customers and the better we're able to pay our agents as well.

Provide One Touch Resolutions

We find that One-Touch conversations are often a leading indicator of customer satisfaction. No one likes unnecessary back & forth conversations.

We're paid per resolved case, not per reply, and so we're incentivized to send high quality responses each and every time to minimize re-opened conversations.

The higher quality the response, the better we do

Transform Your Customer Service

We can onboard in a matter of days and we offer highly flexible contracts. Whether you need a large team to handle your support or some overflow assistance, getting started is easy.

HiOperator rapidly onboards and offers highly flexible contracts. Before you know it, our technology will augment your entire workflow — creating happy agents and satisfied customers.