Customer Obsessed Support

HiOp automates systems for leading customer service

Our Approach

Easy to Onboard.
Easy To Work With.

HiOp integrates with all relevant company platforms and aggregates information into HiQ. This streamlines agents' workflow and achieves better customer satisfaction.

Automated & Trustworthy Agent

Plugging HiOp's automated system into your company is like onboarding an instantly effective new agent. Our technology is rigorously refined to solve issues quickly & accurately.

Email, SMS, Livechat

Our primary channels are email, SMS and live chat. Voice coverage is available for qualifying clients.

Dynamically Scaleable

We can rapidly scale up or down based on your company’s evolving need.

Building Trust Together

We love to communicate! Our account managers will provide weekly reports and are always in contact to learn what we can do better for our clients.

Pricing Tailored to Your Businesses

HiQ's generative AI requires minimal agent oversight to resolve client tickets faster, more accurately, and very cost-competitive on a per-resolution basis.

Customer Centric

Technology with the human touch


Frequently Asked Questions

The best way to learn more about HiOperator is to shoot us a note at, but in the meantime, the following are a few commonly asked questions that we hope are helpful!

Do you offer dedicated support?

What exactly does HiOperator do?

Where’s the magic?

But what about brand voice?

Too big, too small, just right? How do I know if I’m the right size to use HiOperator?

What about reporting and analytics? How do I learn from my customers?