HiQ™: The Intelligent Customer Service Engine

Technology so accommodating your customers wouldn't want it any other way

Rigorous Design

Meticulously Tested Automation

HiOp painstakingly refines HiQ’s intricate technology so agents and customers have a seamless, end-to-end, experience. Agents work more efficiently, and customers are more satisfied. HiQ is beyond a chatbot, it's a whole new category.

Finely Tuned Support

Outcome-Driven Tech for Your Customers

To serve your company and clients, HiQ diligently conducts three modules — Comprehend, Complete, Communicate — to best understand your customer needs. Then HiQ provides highly-tailored responses using generative AI. Your agents are always in-the-loop but are now moving at the accelerated speed of today's business environment.

Reliability Promise

Anti-Hallucination Framework

HiOp knows that your customers mean everything to your business. That's why we created the benchmark anti-hallucination framework to hold our customer support to the highest standards. By refining our large-language models, HiQ continually ensures that customer-facing responses created with our generative AI are not only personalized but also highly accurate.