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Who are we? A people-centric tech company

Our Mission

Customer service is a core pillar of most businesses. It's also one of the hardest parts of a business to scale. Hiring is time consuming, training is time consuming, volume varies by season, and documentation is constantly in flux.

We started HiOperator to make delivering great customer service easy. Our mission is to help companies deliver excellent, scalable customer service effortlessly. Our clients can focus on their products and services, and their customers get a great experience when they need help.

HiOperator provides a complete customer service-as-a-service solution. Through the power of HiOperator's Human + AI Technology, client conversations are handled faster and more accurately, resulting in faster response times, more security, and happier customers! We meet or exceed our clients' in-house standards.

The end result is we deliver amazing customer service, making companies and their customers happy. That's what we exist to do.

Liz Tsai

Our Team Members

Leadership Team

We're passionate about creating incredible customer experiences through a combination of technology, automation and operational excellence.

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Alex Kogan


Alex brings over 15 years of technology and academic research experience, focusing much of his work on AI and creating collaborative AI + human models. He leads the engineering and research teams at HiOperator, where the team builds best in class customer service technology.

Bob Duggan

VP, Operations

Bob brings over 20 years of experience in the BPO, outsourced customer service and financial services industries. In his role, he is responsible for achieving results for our clients, by creating operational excellence and supporting rapid growth.

Justin Harris

GM, Dallas

Justin is an US Army Veteran with 15 years of experience in sales and advertising, commercial real estate, and financial services. He is dedicated to providing top tier results for our clients by managing daily operations, ensuring a high level of customer service, and developing / implementing company strategies.

Liz Tsai


Originally from Texas, Liz completed her BS and MS at MIT. She then worked in the physical commodities trading industry in Geneva and Singapore before founding HiOperator in 2016.

Ramsey Al-Ramahi

VP, Sales

With over 20 years of experience, Ramsey's success has been built on helping sales organizations scale. With HiOperator being his third YC company, Ramsey brings experience across multiple disciplines including management, sales, and operations. He drives our world-class sales team to help businesses scale their customer service orgs.

Wayne Worthington

Chief of Staff

Wayne supports the executive team to integrate every aspect of HiOperator to best serve our clients. Previously, he was a consultant with 2 leading talent firms focused on executive leadership in technology and served as an officer in the US Marines.