About Us

Who are we? A people-centric tech company

Our Mission

Customer service is a core pillar of most businesses. It's also one of the hardest parts of a business to scale. Hiring is time consuming, training is time consuming, volume varies by season, and documentation is constantly in flux.

We started HiOperator to make delivering great customer service easy. Our mission is to help companies deliver excellent, scalable customer service effortlessly. Our clients can focus on their products and services, and their customers get a great experience when they need help.

HiOperator provides a complete customer service-as-a-service solution. Through the power of HiOperator's Human + AI Technology, client conversations are handled faster and more accurately, resulting in faster response times, more security, and happier customers! We meet or exceed our clients' in-house standards.

The end result is we deliver amazing customer service, making companies and their customers happy. That's what we exist to do.

Liz Tsai