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PRESS RELEASE: New SuperSAT Solution Scores Customer Sentiment in Real-Time

Dallas, TX, April 8, 2024 –  HiOperator, the most comprehensive customer support (CS) and customer experience (CX) solution that leverages generative AI through a suite of automated tools, today announced SuperSAT — a novel AI tool that continually predicts a customer’s satisfaction in every CX interaction as they evolve. For the first time, companies now have real-time visibility into how customers perceive interaction with agents via the SuperSAT dashboard. In turn, brands can intervene and save conversations, ultimately creating happier customers and better brand outcomes. SuperSAT is part of HiOperator’s robust suite of automated self-service tools on the new HiQ platform, which includes the auto-data-tagging tool HiLite and automated agent grading through QAScout. Together, these easy-to-implement CX solutions work together and finally provide teams with real-time assessments, total visibility, as well as the capacity to drive proactive changes. 

Industry-standard customer scores, including CSAT and MSAT, are costly to execute, narrowly scoped, post-interaction snapshots that rely on customers to answer surveys — sometimes yielding a paltry 1% response rate. This means businesses constantly have an incomplete customer satisfaction picture, no visibility into shifting customer happiness on a per-interaction basis, as well as zero ability to save a conversation in real-time and level it up right after an issue/bad interaction happens. Now, SuperSAT leverages artificial intelligence to analyze customer sentiment, relevancy, and number of replies to produce an evolving SuperSAT score. This provides a complete picture of a customer's brand interaction, creating the ability to benchmark against how they entered the conversation vs. where they ended up and intervene in customer conversations as they happen — steering interactions back to positive. While all information runs through the solution dashboards, companies can also present scores in real time — allowing agents to make more measured decisions for better outcomes. The entire HiQ platform, which includes HiLite and QAScout, enables CX leaders to fully understand contact types, agent interactions, as well as customer sentiment information jointly to better identify root-cause issues. 

"The CX industry relies far too heavily on lagging indicators to understand their customers, which is why we created SuperSAT — leveraging artificial intelligence to predict customer satisfaction in real-time,” said HiOperator CEO and founder, Liz Tsai. “The new HiQ platform, which includes HiLite, QAScout, and now SuperSAT, was built with our models that hold nearly a decade’s worth of rich customer insights. This data ensures that all predictions, including SuperSAT, are highly accurate. Now, entire CX teams are empowered with evolving customer context to deliver the kind of super satisfaction that drives business ROI.”

“The powerful HiQ platform, which encompasses a suite of easy-to-implement, self-service, CX tools now allows teams to monitor and predict customer satisfaction with SuperSAT,” said HiOperator’s Head of Go-to-Market Wayne Worthington. “By illuminating customer experiences from multiple vantage points — including why they reached out, how agents are handling questions, and predicting how customers perceive the interactions — CX leaders move from making reactive decisions to driving proactive solutions.”

About HiOperator

HiOperator created the most comprehensive customer support and customer experience (CS/CX) solution that leverages generative AI through a suite of automated tools. By continuously refining large language models (LLMs) and then layering generative AI overtop, the company can tackle even the most complex customer issues. Their self-service solutions via the HiQ platform include HiLite for auto-data tagging, automated QAScout to grade every CX interaction, and AI to predict customer satisfaction with SuperSAT. Other comprehensive solutions include fully automated CX responses via HiAuto, a completely managed Elite Agent team, and SMSBot — which brings the power of chatbots directly to text. If you want to resolve customer inquiries faster, more accurately, and with higher satisfaction, please reach out: www.HiOperator.com    

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